10 call analytics reports that will change your search marketing

11/12/2019 06:10 AM
Data is everything to marketers. It’s how we measure performance across channels, make optimization decisions, and deliver the right experiences. The more accurate and complete the data marketers can action upon, the better the results. And in today’s mobile-first world, your marketing data is not complete without insights on consumer phone calls to your business.

This new ebook shows 10 advanced call tracking and analytics reports you can use to significantly increase the impact of paid search and SEO on business results.

If you aren’t getting data on calls — or you only measure call volume, not lead quality — these reports are a real eye-opener. Download this ebook to learn how to use these new insights to:

Optimize paid search strategies to drive more conversions for a lower CPL

Get better results from Google Ads smart bidding

Target the right callers with the right ads based on their conversations

Help your locations and call center convert more calls to customers